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Heli Skiing Selkirk Powder

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Pictured (l to r): Morgan Lohman, President Lohman Helicopter, Selkirk Powder’s Ken Barrett, Cody Carter, Indie Film Editor (and former Poor Boyz Director and Editor), Selkirk Powder’s Dave Alley, Safety Coordinator, and Alf Cromwell, Marketing Director



Press Release: New Heli Skiing In the U.S. Rockies This Winter!



Selkirk Powder Company of Sandpoint, Idaho announces the expansion of its operations this winter in the rugged and untapped American Selkirk Range of Northern Idaho. Building on the success of their highly acclaimed snowcat skiing, the company will now add heli skiing Selkir Powder to its portfolio of guided skiing experiences.


“We’re proud to take this step forward to provide a skiing experience that has been long-sought after in the Selkirks of the Idaho Panhandle,” states Ken Barrett, President and Chief Guide of Selkirk Powder Company.


Selkirk Powder Company will host skiers and riders during its inaugural heli skiing season from March 3rd through the 19th 2017, in nearly 200,000 acres of the American Selkirk Range in Idaho’s Panhandle. Each outing is client-focused, with Selkirk Powder’s guides attending to every need. Specially created lunches will be served at scenic outlooks, and the entire day will center not just on the world-class skiing, but taking in the amazing beauty of one of the last truly wild areas in the Lower 48.


“Why travel so far when you can have it all right here in the U.S., and still be home for dinner if you want?” says Barrett. “We believe our heli skiing service will appeal to folks who want to experience awesome and exclusive skiing in a way that fits well with people’s busy schedules.”


About Selkirk Powder Company


Selkirk Powder Company is a licensed Alpine Level II guide service based in Idaho, accredited with an operations permit covering nearly 200,000 acres in the American Selkirk Mountains. Selkirk Powder has been a successful ski guide service for more than a dozen years in Sandpoint, Idaho, introducing thousands of clients to backcountry cat skiing and the plentiful cold smoke the Selkirks are world-renowned for. The addition of heli-skiing is a natural progression of their exclusive ski experiences that don’t entail week long stays at lodges or long car rides. The company bases its operations directly adjacent to Schweitzer Mountain Resort, so guests have access to all the amenities of a resort, yet are free to branch out into the wilderness with Selkirk’s guides.



Release Date: November 01, 2016     c/o Selkirk Powder Company  www.selkirkpowder.com

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