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Sightseeing Tours By Snowcat

Snowcat Tours

 Children sitting in snowcat cockpit
We’re not sure there’s any better way to see majestic snow covered mountains than in a warm and comfortable custom cabin of a powerful snowcat. Snowcats were developed to provided a finished texture to ski slopes but have been adapted in recent years to carry groups over snow into remote areas. Groups, of up to ten people, will ride up Schweitzer Mountain Resort’s main chairlift to our summit lodge to jump aboard the snowcat for an 1.5 hour tour with an expert guide who will interpret the natural history and geology of the rugged Selkirk Mountains. On your tour you have opportunities to get out and run around in the deep pristine powder, who knows maybe partake in an epic snowball fight or a snow angel contest. So if you have a diverse group and you want to get into the deep snow look no further than a snowcat sightseeing tour from Selkirk Powder.

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