Low-risk winter recreation

Riding & sliding with Selkirk Powder Guides in 2020/2021

Good day, Powderchasers!

Let me spell it out: even “low-risk” still comes with risk, and for us to present you with one of the best days ever skiing or snowmobiling, we must ask for your patience and cooperation. As a concessionaire, Selkirk Powder Company (SPC) adheres to Schweitzer Mountain Resort’s COVID-19 health and safety protocols and then adapts Idaho’s Panhandle Health District policy guidelines to bolster our fight against this deadly virus, keeping you in the pow and this company thriving in the future.

To protect you and ourselves, we have adopted an in-house face covering policy and will undertake daily wellness checks and have protocols for those exhibiting symptoms. Furthermore, we will adhere to procedures recommended by the State of Idaho and Panhandle Health District food handling.

Selkirk Powder’s reservations desk area and its related equipment, the snowcat passenger cabins and driver cabs, as well as all snowmobiles and our summit lodge will be cleaned and disinfected in high-touch areas after each use. Hand sanitizer will be available at or near these areas.

While we can not provide adequate distance in a snowcat, they will be adapted to create more airflow through the creation of large windows. Transceivers and helmets will be disinfected after each use as well. While we still will require the use of our transceivers, we are encouraging all snowmobilers to bring their own DOT-rated helmet.

In the case of a physical emergency, our National Ski Patrol will adhere to the latest protocols to mitigate any exposures while caring for and transporting an injured client or employee.

At the end of tours, it is typical to see hugs, high-fives, and tightly-bunched folks grouping closely for photos. This year, we will ask that these celebrations are kept “COVID clean”, especially with our guides, and it’s our humble request that the customary tip be thought out in advance: For those purchasing the tour(s), please consider up-charging the fee to include a tip while you register.

Succinctly, we ask all of our guests to travel safely and take all precautions to ensure you have the best day ever. Schweitzer’s policy presently includes wearing face covering while inside their facilities with the exception of eating and drinking. Be prepared to wear your face covering, ski mask, neck gaiter, or scarf when inside registering for your tour and again at “check-out”. No worries: if you don’t have a face covering(s), Ronnie or Alix will provide you one for all members of the registered party; it will be black, three-layer cloth with adjustable straps, custom created by The Huna Clothing Company and embossed with a screened SPC logo—very chic. Wearing your face covering will be required when inside SPC facilities, inside the snowcat(s) when not eating or drinking, and/or any typical time when six feet of space cannot be maintained with people unrelated to you.

In closing, I sincerely request that if there is any condition or activity that makes you uncomfortable, we ask you to not participate but also don’t be silent; share your concerns so we may react specifically to your needs. For all else, be assured there may be some slight delays getting through the Schweitzer lift lines, but once we’re in “Kennyland”, things will be snowy and—potentially—the “best day ever”!

Sunnyside up and keep ’em turning,
Ken Barrett
President & Chief Guide

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The National Ski Area Association’s “Ski Well, Be Well” reviews elements for low-risk recreation.