Ready For Snowmobiling!

Well it’s official, folks–our hardy team of Selkirk Powder snowmobile guides are up and running on the trails! We’re off to a great start this season, with over 50″ base already, and it continues to grow as snow showers remain in the forecast throughout the week. Clear your calendars and book…

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Slope Testing Underway

With a nearly 50″ base already built up around the lodge and our upper roads established, it’s time to begin some slope testing of our upper elevations and observing the snowpack underfoot. Pictured here is everyone’s favorite snowboard guide James Rowland, sliding kindly on Norelco and headed toward the Enchanted Forest on the…

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If A Tree Falls In The Woods, Does Anyone Hear The Other 99 That Also Just Fell?

Have you ever wondered what happens high up in the mountains when a powerful weather front passes through? Oftentimes while winds in the valley may be storming at 30-40 miles per hour, what happens as winds push up steep mountainsides and over ridgetops is that the wind actually accelerates. This can be by…

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First Snow for the Selkirks

On November 6th the webcam captured the first sign of measurable snow in our mountains and the NOAA forecast calls for more! This should trigger the juices of those looking for the best Christmas present ever, a gift certificate for Selkirk…

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Weather: Or Not

We’ve all been saturated by the media with news of the upcoming climate trend, but according to NOAA “climate trends” don’t predict localized weather. To that end we’ve redesigned our WEATHER AND CONDITIONS page with four real-time weather tools; See the conditions with the webcam live image, review our summit temperature…

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Cat Skiing Terrain Expanded 45%

By working well with the Idaho Department of Lands and employing good forestry management practices over the past 10 years, we’ve been granted a terrain expansion of 1350 acres, now bringing our cat skiing area to 4350 acres–that’s bigger than most “large” ski areas in the US and Canada! And remember, the most skiers…

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Snowmobiling with Bull Trout

  Who thinks of fish while snowmobiling? We do! Here at Selkirk Powder we are extremely fortunate to have Bull Trout spawning in our basin, and our snowmobile trails go by some great viewing areas. Our school of Bull Trout (pun intended) is unique for in the Fall they actually migrate downstream to get to their…

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Cross Training for Cat Skiing

Cat skiing, unlike on-piste skiing, takes place in natural and ungroomed mountainous terrain, and to ski this kind of terrain, well it sometimes helps to have reflexes like a cat. One way to stay in top shape and tune your reflexes for cat skiing during the off season is to ride a mountain…

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Cat Skiing Idaho’s Selkirk Mountains 2015

  Mid through late March, 2015 has seen the return of better cat skiing conditions, and well that puts in a much lighter in mood. What is it about skiing in the Spring that makes it so fun? Is it our core strength peaking? The brighter sunlight? Or is it the powder snow dropped…

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Training Emma Peal to Snowmobile

  As a precursor to fully qualifying as Selkirk Powder working dogs, avalanche dogs must be comfortable riding on many conveyances such as snowcats, chairlifts, helicopters and snowmobiles.   To that end, I began training Emma Peak on riding snowmobiles this week, and she’s a natural I’ll tell ya. With treats in hand for motivation,…

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