Flight flow


$1,500 Single seat
$10,500 Private helicopter
$390 Cat skiing back-up

We’re going to disrupt the heli-skiing industry this year with program features and rates unheard of before. We can do this because we offer many more activities and aren’t captive to the heli-skiing program. So bring your small group to experience refreshing helicopter-skiing in the sweet spot of America’s Northern Rockies where geography and snowy weather patterns combine to make a paradise for skiers and snowboarders.


Minimum 2 / 4 guests per helicopter group / Maximum 2 groups


January 30 - March 31, 2021

After booking, you may request to change your reservation time or date, though we assess an administrative fee of $40 for each change. Please visit Policies for our full cancellation policy.


We’ve gathered together a few condominium, resort, hotel, and bed & breakfast properties.

Travel insurance

We’ve found a policy to consider that suits our nature-reliant adventures.

Please help us recreate safely. Read our COVID-19 statement for our plans and expectations.

  • up to 8 seats, 2 groups of four max, unlimited runs in 1 hour flying time
  • each group is metered on “airborne time” while skiing in the heli zones only
  • extra time for additional runs available at $1,000 per 20 minute block
  • licensed and experienced guides and pilots *
  • training in aircraft safety, snow safety and companion rescue, and related equipment
  • BCA avalanche transceiver
  • shovel, probe, backpack and two-way radio
  • snacks and water in addition to lunch provided

Ski rentals

Powder skis and snowboards may be rented from Schweitzer’s Ski & Ride Center or Alpine Shop’s Schweitzer Village or Sandpoint location).

Unspoiled Idaho State Forest land forms our heli terrain which consists of everything from cornice-topped alpine cirque bowls and huge powder fields (developed by the historic Sundance Wildfire of 1967) to narrow rock-lined chutes and—of course—the famous Selkirk snowghost-covered runs from treeline. Runs range in length up to 2,200 ft.

The snowpack remains reliable and consistent. We draw moisture from the north and south, so we’re usually in the path of storm systems all season long. That produces over 300 in during an average season with a stable snowpack depth averaging about 120 in that holds from January through March.

Meet at your chosen heliport for guide introductions and safety and weather briefings.
Prepare your gear and get ready for flight.
Aircraft familiarization and take-off.

When you return to either heliport, there are a number of great restaurants just minutes away to celebrate your day with après drinks and fine cuisine.

Our helicopter contractor flies a Eurocopter AS350 B2/B3 AStar, and we ultilize Granite Aviation at Sandpoint Airport.

Let’s be real. We’re not high-elevation desert here: we’re temperate rain forest, so flying conditions are not as consistent as they are for our southern compatriots. So to nearly guarantee that you’ll be riding pow, we’ve added a special feature: Optionally book a discounted (15 %) cat skiing seat along with your heli reservation. Possible scenarios with this back-up are:

  • If the helicopter can fly, then the value of the snowcat seat ($390) becomes credit toward any future tour.
  • If the helicopter cannot fly and you go cat skiing instead, the value of the helicopter seat ($1,500) becomes credit toward any future tour.
  • If both helicopter and snowcat must be garaged for the day, the helicopter value ($1,500) becomes credit toward any future tour, and the value of the cat seat ($390) becomes a credit or refund (your choice). Plus, you get a free day-ticket to Schweitzer.