Sustaining Style in Skiing

backcountry touring &
AIARE avalanche courses in
Idaho’s Selkirk Mountains

Welcome to Atlasta–Casey! We're stoked you're here to read about it.

After 21 seasons at Schweitzer we’re announcing that we’ve received a new cat-skiing permit for 6,250 abutting acres of higher and wilder Idaho Selkirk Mountains. Starting January 2025, please join us in our very own Shangri-La as we guide you on snowcat-assisted backcountry skiing & riding tours, teach challenging AIARE avalanche courses, or support your group on unguided snowcat-assisted excursions. We are the same great group of easy-going, expert ski and snowboard guides, snowcat operators, and reservations agents you’ve reviewed highly for the last 21 years – we’re just now working on your newest destination for radder-and-badder backcountry tours!

For the upcoming season, we’ll be snowcatting up Atlasta where we’ll disembark to ride, or tour to, 40 runs using the inaugural section of a brand new high-traverse route linking back to Schweitzer. It’s going to be fresh, fun, new and exciting, especially for our repeat visit clients. (See the 2025 ski map and run list inside.) Come ride it with us!

In Pow we trust,
The Chief

Oh, by the way: We’ve partnered with Indy Pass – and Big Red Cats did, too! …Roadtrip anyone?