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Boost your Level 1 skill set with more snow pit education along with a higher level of guidance. These three days (Friday through Sunday) will affect your judgement for the remainder of your bc adventures. Strongly consider bringing your ski & ride partners along with you!

Class size

12 students

Course date



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Join Selkirk Powder and instructors from Kaf Adventures for three days of advanced avalanche education. Apply your training from Avalanche Rescue and AIARE 1 (or equivalent) and put it to the test as you lead small group scenarios. The course includes some classroom instruction in Selkirk Powder’s Summit Lodge and three days immersed in the backcountry.

AIARE 2 is a three-day, 24 hr-total course that provides backcountry travelers an opportunity to advance their decision-making skills in more complicated situations such as leadership in a small group, travel in more complicated terrain, and travel plan development where resources are scarce. AIARE 2 builds on the introductory avalanche hazard management model presented in AIARE 1 and adds evaluation of critical hazard assessment factors. Students will describe and discuss weather, snowpack and avalanche processes, and identify how these processes relate to observations and travel in avalanche terrain.

Learning outcomes

  • Differentiate where specific avalanche hazards exist in the landscape and identify avalanche terrain where consequences may be more severe.
  • Use and interpret weather, snow, and avalanche observations to locate appropriate terrain prior to entering—and while in—the field.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills within a small team that include facilitation of small group discussion, promotion of appropriate terrain selection, and simple risk management strategies.
  • Implement a basic forecasting framework to use in conjunction with, and in the absence of, local supporting avalanche information.

AIARE 2 is for the backcountry traveler who already has some avalanche education and experience in avalanche terrain. The course provides backcountry leaders opportunity to advance their avalanche knowledge and decision-making skills.


  • touring equipment and ability to travel in avalanche terrain
  • AIARE 1 or other American Avalanche Association (A3)-approved Level 1 course
  • AIARE- or A3-approved one-day avalanche rescue course
  • a winter of practical experience after the Level 1 course

Selkirk Powder partners with Kaf Adventures from Seattle to host and teach this course.

Mick Pearson, lead instructor

Mick Pearson

Mick is the founder of Kaf Adventures and holds the following qualifications:

  • AMGA Rock & Alpine Guide
  • AMGA SPI Program Provider
  • AMGA Instructor Team Member
  • LNT Master Educator
  • Wilderness First Responder
  • AAI Level 3
  • AIARE Course Leader

Kevin Dombrock, co-instructor

Kevin Dombrock

Kevin is a guide here at Selkirk Powder and holds these qualifications:

  • Wilderness First Responder
  • NSP Outdoor Emergency Care
  • LNT Trainer
  • Professional Avalanche Level 1
  • AIARE Course Instructor
  • AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide
  • AMGA Apprentice Rock Guide
  • AMGA Single Pitch Instructor
  • National Ski Patrol
  • Idaho Level 2 Alpine Ski Guide
  • Rite in the Rain AIARE Decision-Making Guide (“blue book” fieldbook)
  • student handbook
  • certificate of completion
  • lunch, snacks, and beverages
  • snowcat ride from the field back to the summit at the end of day

Please bring

  • avalanche transceiver (beacon), probe, and shovel for class
  • mechanical pencil or Rite in the Rain pen
  • indoor note-taking materials
  • AT or telemark skis, splitboard, or snowshoes
  • appropriate outwear and equipment for a day in the snow
View a sample course outline on AIARE’s website
Meet at our desk in Schweitzer Mountain’s Lakeview Lodge.
Descend to Schweitzer Village.