Heli skiing is back!

Press release: Selkirk Powder offers heli-skiing

Superior access to remote powder skiing zones a few miles short of British Columbia

Always striving to expand their offerings of guided experiences, Selkirk Powder Company, the PNW’s premier winter outfitter and guiding service, announced today that heli-skiing tours are returning to the Selkirk Mountains in northern Idaho.

“With South Coast Helicopters, and the same pilot team, returning to fly with us again is super cool”, Ken Barrett, President of Selkirk Powder says. “We’re experienced with South Coast’s pilots, Vince and Kimber, and I think the results of us working together that season, albeit a new team, were tremendous”. Beginning , Selkirk will fly daily from FOB Granite Aviation at Sandpoint Airport employing Los Angeles-based South Coast Helicopters’ and their helicopter skiing team of Director of Operations Vince Lopardo and Chief Pilot Kimber Warder.

Selkirk luckily skipped heli skiing last year to focus on new avalanche and snowmobile programs and now re-enters the marketplace with a stronger and more unique position as the most diverse winter outfitter in North America. Beside boutique, small group heli-skiing, Selkirk also provides cat-skiing, snowmobile-assisted and self-propelled skinning tours, guided snowmobile adventures, avalanche courses, and special programs for the U.S. military. SPC doesn’t have to rely on this boutique product like other operations, says Barrett. “In an effort to relax the usually rushed atmosphere of three groups of twelve skiers sharing one helicopter, SPC’s largest group will be no more than two groups of four sharing one helicopter. We’re gearing our marketing towards the new millennial and Gen-X value-savvy consumer, and the experienced heli skier alike, and if results are anything like ’19, it’s going to be lit!” Asked about COVID-19, Barrett responds, “We will mask up inside along with client groups and we will take the virus very seriously; COVID is a new paradigm, and we’re planning for it accordingly.”

Now check this out! Not only do they offer five-year credit for heli skiing weather-related cancelations, but to spare you the drama of a no-ski day, Selkirk offers cat skiing back-up seats at a discounted price.