Valentine’s Day cat skiing special & more

Greetings from the Selkirk Powder Lodge at the top of Schweitzer!

It’s February: your legs are steely-strong and ready to take you to a whole new level. Perhaps now you want to test yourself on some steeper terrain—it’s time! We’ve opened the uber-steep Uleda Cornice zone; the snowpack is settled and stable at 10–15 ft. It’s game on. 100 %. Others have yet to step into our warm and comfortable cats and wedel in our amazing terrain, and there’s no better time than now with fresh pow> coming in over this deep and smooth powder base. Regardless of which category you’re in, read on to learn the many ways we make it easy to be stoked every day you’re off-piste.

Wedel on my poudre-piglies!

You’re in love & the snow is sublime

No need to worry about what to give that special person—ah, special people(s)—on Valentine’s Day 2020. Swoop in on your own private snowcat today! Seats up to 10; we’ll supply the wine and chocolates!

Special pricing for this last-minute private cat skiing adventure on February 14, 2020: $3,250. That’s a savings of $850! Call us to smooch. Scratch that, call us to book, please.

Channel epic coolness & stay fresh all day long!

Stein Eriksen, one of the last century’s most loved teachers of skiing technique, was known for his development of the stylish, graceful, effortless turn called the wedel (pronounced VAY-dull). Fluid powder skiing requires quickness from side to side—this is where a tight stance comes in handy, including keeping the skis closer together than one would on a groomed surface. Maintain a smooth upper body, as though you are steering a bike straight downhill while the lower body gently sways to the outside of the turn. When you begin to feel the “bottom” of the snow, do a small pump up to flow into the next turn. When done correctly, you can ski the backside all day without tiring out. So start wedelling today and ski like a legend!

There’s some serious wedelling going on right here! Enjoy a short YouTube-hosted video, posted a few years ago, produced by the Powderhounds, Greg and Lyndel. The Powderhounds may be the most successful ski writing couple ever. Hailing from Down Unda, these two ski like tazmanian devils and, and write the most comprehensive, well-researched powder skiing area reviews we've ever had the pleasure of being subject of, and reading. It’s been simply pure, unadulterated fun hosting them twice, and receiving their well-developed, thoughful and incredibly powder-driven review(s). Read their review of Selkirk Powder

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